4 avenues for real-time aircraft tracking

If you have an active internet connection, then you have the access to real-time aircraft tracking. The plane could be anywhere in the world and you would be able to track it from the comfort of your living room. Real-time aircraft tracking helps you in deciding when you would leave home if you have the task of receiving someone at the airport. Most websites will offer a number of other features along with real-time aircraft tracking. Following is a list of websites that can help you efficiently track airplanes-

  • FlightArrivals
    Just as the name suggests, this website could come in handy if you are going to pick someone up at the airport. It would not be wrong to call them an all-in-one package for real-time aircraft tracking. You have the access to track commercial as well as general flight information. You can use this multi-faceted platform for airport maps, seat maps, route maps, flight status, airport or flight delays, and airline information.
  • FlightStats
    This platform is one of the top few due to the simplicity of the website. It gives you access to the necessary information about your flight in just one click. You can track flights from all over the world with the help of FlightStats. Along with giving you access to real-time aircraft tracking, this website also tells you about weather radar and gives airport information. Furthermore, it also gives you the ability to track flights real time as well as random flights.
  • FlightAware
    This website has worked in making their primary function the best among the many. If you wish to track an aircraft on this website, then you only need any one of the airline name, flight number, destination, or origination point of the flight. The service is widely spread over more than 50 countries across North America, Europe, and Oceania. It also leads the pack when it comes to providing free and worldwide real-time aircraft tracking.
  • FBOWeb
    Considered to be one of the most detailed real-time aircraft tracking website, this one qualifies to be the mother of all websites mentioned above. It is not only limited to showing the progress of the aircraft and the arrival time but also integrates the aircraft with Google earth to show precise visual location. Furthermore, it has an option to access the altitude coordinates of the aircraft. It also has the live feed from Air Traffic Control, which could work well if you are an airplane nerd.