4 Affordable Brands to Buy eBook Readers and Accessories

Everyone has become eco-conscious over the past few years and people have been choosing battery operated devices over the old school bookers and papers to avoid wastage. This has shown a great increase in the sale of eBook readers and accessories in the past few years. So, how do you pick one which is best for you? Here are a few brands that have the most affordable eBook readers and accessories.

Barnes & Noble
If you are looking for affordable eBook readers and accessories similar to Kindle, then the Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Plus is the best option for you. Not only is it half the price of a Kindle but it also has similar and better features than the Kindle. With a 6-inch screen which has a backlit display, it has the same screen specifications as a Kindle. It also has 4GB of internal memory which is very convenient to store entire eBook files and pdfs without worrying about the space. It is slightly lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite model and offers almost 6 weeks of basic usage with just one charge. Now the extra features are that is completely waterproof with IP67 certification. This means that you can submerge the Glowlight Plus in water for around 30 minutes and your eBook reader will still be working. This way, you don’t need to worry about the tiny accidents like water spilling, accidentally getting wet in the monsoons, road trip, and camping. The brand also has their own online store to purchase your eBooks and accessories from but it not the same as the Amazon store.

This brand isn’t the most famous one out there, but it is a big hit in offline stores. Compared to the Kindle, the Onyx BOOS N96 e-reader has a way bigger screen of 9.7 inches. This makes it perfect for the older audience who have reading issues and find it difficult to read even on small smartphones because you can automatically increase the font size thanks to the big display. The best part of the N96 is that it can hold audiobooks in its memory as well and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so that you can enjoy the audiobook directly from your e-reader. The entire eBook reader is in the black and white display but that didn’t stop the brand from including email apps, photo gallery, clock, Internet browser, and calendar. It’s Android-specific features make it stand out from its competition. If you are looking for extremely affordable eBook readers and accessories, then Onyx is the brand for you.

Amazon Fire
If you are looking for a large screen e-Book reader and accessories for older citizens like your parents, grandparents or even for extremely young kids, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is the best choice for you. It is more of a tablet than an eBook reader, but it provides all the specifications and benefits like any other e-reader out there such as Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc. There are a lot of various books that you can pick from in the Amazon store to read on your Amazon Fire Tablet and enjoy reading in extremely large fonts. However, it offers only 12 hours of battery life with mixed uses such as reading, using apps, browsing the Internet etc. The only issue which you might face with this eBook reader is that it doesn’t reduce eye stress and fatigue as compared to the more expensive e-Book readers in the market.

If you are simply looking for eBook readers and accessories designed for all the avid readers, then Amazon is the best website for you. Not only do they have accessories catering to every brand, they also have alternative brands that you can shop from which are way more affordable and cheaper. Everything from eBook readers to its accessories like bookcases, eBook holders to the night lights and portable chargers, you can find everything you need on Amazon.