3 things to consider before buying an iPad 2 case

Technology can be expensive which is why you should take extra care and consideration in buying a protective case for it. Although there’s nothing wrong getting a simple or basic case, getting one that fits your needs, looks cool and protects your iPad 2 is what most buyers aim for.

When shopping for the ideal iPad 2 case, you need to look for durability. Putting everything else aside, durability is the main component of getting a case for your tablet. After all, shouldn’t a case technically serve to protect your iPad till the end?

The second thing to look for is your budget. Cases come in various shapes and sizes and can give you a run for your money if you don’t know what you’re looking for and spend on impulse. Here are three things to consider before you embark on your mission to buying your new iPad 2 case.

Design: Good design combines form with function and is aesthetically pleasing. Look for cases that are sleek, ultra light, ultra tough and which slip in and out of your bag easily. If you appreciate aesthetically pleasing objects, you may want to consider the color of your case and choose a sleek design. Cases make the iPad 2 easier to grip and carry. It doesn’t add much weight and prevents your hands or fingers from straining.

Case type: There is a wide range of iPad 2 case – folio cases, smart covers, basic cases, and rugged cases. Think about function when deciding on the case type. Folio cases can make your iPad 2 fall asleep when closed and can help you save on the battery. They flip open and close, like a book cover. Smart covers are literally, smart. They latch onto the edges of the screen and fit smoothly and elegantly. They don’t fall off easily and they also make it easier for you to grip your iPad 2. Rugged cases are a little on the tough side and are drop proof. Some of they are shock proof too. If you travel to different locations a lot, get something that’s dirtproof, dustproof, waterproof, snow proof, drop proof, and shockproof.

Generation compatibility: One good thing about Apple is that they’re always reinventing and redesigning. You’ll find their line up of third generation tech now moving on to the fourth generation and forward. While this means your technology is always fast and fresh, it means your case won’t likely fit the next generation. While you can try to buy a case that might fit the next generation, there’s no way of knowing the next size of the case.