3 popular leaf blowers to clean up your yard with ease

Contrary to what most people would like to think, leaf blowers are not just useful for fall or winter. They are certainly not seasonal landscape machines. From clearing sandy decks during summers to cleaning up windblown walkways in the spring, these machines can be used all the year round. They can even be used to get rid of light snow in the initial winter days. With such versatility in their usage, it is essential for every household to have a leaf blower. But how do you know which leaf blower is the right one? To help find the most suitable one, here are a few of the top-selling leaf blowers in the market right now.

  • Worx TURBINE 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower: Powered by TURBINE fan technology, this leaf blower from Worx has a forceful and very high capacity of air volume. It has a variable speed control that you can adjust according to your outdoor cleaning requirements. The speed is known to be twice as fast as professional leaf blowers. It has a dynamic airflow design and comes with a hyper-stream nozzle that gives maximum performance. Despite such a powerful mechanism, this leaf blower is quite lightweight making it easy to use. Moreover, it is much quieter than the average leaf blower. It weighs about 6.4lbs so it can be controlled with just one hand without tiring out. In addition to this, it has a power cord retainer that makes leaf blowing less of a hassle. It is available in two variants—450 CFM and 600 CFM. The 450 CFM variant is priced at around $70, while the 600 CFM variant is priced at around $50.It includes a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.
  • Sun Joe SBJ597E-GRY 6 Amp 155 Max Electric Leaf Blower: Weighing just 3.9lbs, this is one of the lightest leaf blowers to be found in the market. Despite its lightweight, it comes with a powerful 6-amp motor that gives a maximum air speed of 155 mph. This is just the right if one is looking for a leaf blower for lighter small jobs such as sweeping the porch, patio, garage, deck, and walkways. It is also perfect for working on a small yard or even to clear off the light snow. Aside from this, the leaf blower’s small size makes it quite convenient to store it anywhere in the house, whether it is the broom closet or the tools cupboard in the garage. It can be easily stowed in the car trunk or the deck box. It is available in four color variants—dark blue, grey, green, and red. The model is priced between $20 and $30.
  • Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Electric Blower: This is a single speed electric leaf blower. It weighs about 5.6lbs and is perfect for small yards made of a hard surface as well as grass. It has a variable speed selection and since it is corded, it gives unlimited runtime. So, a yard can be cleaned up at leisure without worrying about the batteries draining out. Moreover, it has an ergonomically designed handle and shoulder strap that ensures utmost comfort and less fatigue while working. It has a powerful 9-amp motor that gives 130-mph wind speed. Additionally, it has a pretty good noise reduction mechanism. It comes with a 4-year manufacturer warranty and is priced at around $50.