3 popular and affordable DNA test kits

Genealogy is the science of studying family history. Genealogists study your family origins by compiling a list of potential ancestors arranged in a particular order. The first stage of genealogy dates back to a time when there were no written records and data was preserved and passed on to the next generation by way of verbal communication.

In the second stage of the evolution of this science, written records were introduced and led to a more reliable system of creating and storing records manually. Genealogies were written in the form of narratives and were still not considered an exact science. The final stage of evolution led to modern-day genealogy with rules, principles, and procedures in place to determine the roots of your family and to a certain extent to accurately chart a family tree and determine your ancestry.

Technological advancements in modern day applications for genealogy and some of the best ancestry DNA tests allow you to easily determine your family history. Owing to the use of established scientific methods, the process is now reliable.

Types of DNA ancestry tests
The three common types of best ancestry DNA tests include Autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA tests. There are many factors combined that will determine the viability of a certain test and results of the process. You must ask vital questions including which type of test is best suited for your purpose, how can the test be taken, what are the costs, and more importantly which company provides the best ancestry DNA test.

Three best ancestry DNA tests

The service primarily offers autosomal testing for DNA sequencing. It is one of the popular tests for matching across various geographic regions and ethnicity. You can compare results from across 350 different regions to the maximum number of connections of living relatives. AncestryDNA test provides comprehensive results that will enable you to use your family history further to find out more about your family background dating back generations. The kit is simple to use with a simple saliva swab test. The kit also includes a saliva tube and detailed set of instructions to process your DNA evidence. The saliva sample can then be mailed to the nearest laboratory for AncestryDNA to run sequencing and origin tests. The DNA testing kit can be availed for around $99 from their official website.

The service is well known as FamilyTreeDNA is the international testing partner for National Geographic’s Genographic Project making it one of the best ancestry DNA test kits available in the market. The service offers DNA testing and genome sequencing for genealogy, family history, and ancestry across your father and mothers family tree line. Popular options include the family finder, Y-DNA testing, mtDNA testing, and autosomal transfers. FamilyTreeDNA also has a comprehensive database where results can be compared and matched effectively to trace your family history and paternal origins. Popular packages start at around $79 going upwards of $199 depending on the type of test. FamilyTreeDNa is a more detailed service that is more of use to people who are involved in the subject of genealogy.

The service is one of the most affordable options when it comes to the best ancestry DNA tests. MyHeritage also offers the highest technological standards in the market to find information on your ancestry across various geographic locations and ethnic groups. You can find living relatives via shared DNA testing to widen your genetic pool and find out more about these people who form part of your extended family. MyHeritage offers a simple test kit that takes just two minutes to retrieve a cheek swab and mail it to their laboratory for testing. All information is kept private and confidential with multiple layers of encryption over a secure server. You can log in online on the company website to check your results after a period of four weeks. MyHeritage DNA kit can be bought for approximately $69.

Living DNA and 23andMe are among some of the alternatives you can consider as the best ancestry DNA tests . These tests offer services at affordable pricing.