3 pertinent job interview questions and how to tackle them

It is very important to be prepared while you are going for a job interview. If you are well prepared, it not only boosts your confidence but also gives the interviewer a positive review about you. In every interview, there are a few common questions that are asked by the interviewer and you must be prepared to tackle them effectively. Although the answers should sound convincing enough and not look made up, one has to understand his or her basic interests and likes and disliked to give best job interview answer.

These are 3 important questions that most recruiters will ask.

Tell me about yourself?
Most of the interviewers start with asking about yourself and what are your likes and dislikes. The question goes like, “Tell me about yourselfâ€�. One of the best ways to tackle this question is to tell them about your personal likes and disliked. The answer should not reflect anything to do with your work, while you can also share some personal information such as your extra-curricular achievements, which are already mentioned in your resume. Sometimes, interviewers want you to tell them about yourself apart from what’s mentioned in the resume and hence, prepare accordingly.

What is your greatest strength or weakness?
If you’re giving interviews frequently, then you’ll hear this question a lot of times. When you’re asked about your strength, it is always better to share those personal attributes that will help in the job that you do. The answer should qualify you and your traits, which can also be a benefit to the company. Share about your achievements in the previous workplace that helped your team, for instance meeting deadlines before time, innovative ideas that set you apart, etc.

Why should we recruit you?
Be prepared to say why are you the best candidate for a specific job. There might a number of people interviewing for the same job, but what makes you standout should reflect in your answer that will help to hire you. Prepare your pitch as to why should the employer hire you and what you have to offer to the company or employer.

There are a set of questions that every employer asks. The key to best job interview questions is to be yourself and state facts rather than making up a story, which leaves a bad impression on the interviewer. You do not have to memorize any answer but prepare in advance to avoid any hesitation or anxiety during the interview.