3 online colleges you must consider for a cybersecurity degree

Cybersecurity, also known to us as computer security is a field that broadly envelopes tools and systems associated with monitoring, mitigating, and preventing online threats. There is an advanced use of innovative technology in a bid to combat hackers, cyber terrorists, network outages, and other lesser-addressed technical problems. There is a clear shift in the reliance on information technology at home as well as the workplace, which has led to a massive bunch of students opting for online cyber security degrees. There are many national security departments, which have grown to provide great opportunities for young individuals to serve the country as well as find a stable job. Similarly, to meet the growing demand, there are quite a few online cyber security degree programs that the students can take up. Following is a list of some of the best online cyber security degree programs.

Western Governors University
The B.S. in Information Technology-Security by Western Governors University is one of the best online cyber security degrees. This is mainly because the program is based on five areas of study, which include systems and services, networking and security, IT business, data management, and scripting and programming. The university was established back in 1995 by 19 U.S. governors in a bid to redesign an existing traditional high education system. In line with the online degree, the students must demonstrate competencies in passing certificate exams like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security certification and the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. To execute the successful completion of the online cyber security degree, the student must have a capstone project and must develop a portfolio. The school stands out with one of the best online cyber security degree programs as it is highly affordable. The tuition for this program is 50% lesser than most of the other online institutions.

Excelsior College
Excelsior College is home to around 39,000 students spread over various undergraduate and postgraduate programs right from healthcare and business administration to criminal justice and cybersecurity. It also provides an opportunity for adult learners, especially the ones that underrepresented in higher education. The B.S. in Cyber Security offered by Excelsior College has three different options – a general cybersecurity track, a cyber operations concentration that requires the students to acquire knowledge to solve cyber incidents, and a healthcare concentration that requires the students to obtain the specialized cybersecurity skills so that they can address the regulatory needs of the industry. In every program, the students will receive training in fields like cyber attacks and defenses, cryptography, risk management, and computer forensics. The students are also exposed to hands-on applications through simulations, exercises, and labs in cybersecurity. The perks of this university include tweaking of online teaching schedules, affordable tuition fees, and input from well-known industry leaders. Furthermore, it qualifies as one of the best online cyber security degrees as it meets the standards set by the National Security Agency.

Liberty University
Students that are planning to attend Liberty University can avail of an amazing education system and a Christian foundation. The catalog held by the university for their degree programs is extensive as it holds around 120 bachelor’s degrees and 97 master’s degrees. A large chunk of these offerings by the university is delivered 100% online. The B.S. in Information Technology–Data Networking and Security Program provides the students with expertise and knowledge that are essential for success in data security. The online cyber security degree includes topics such as cyber security, network security, and web architecture and security. Since the college has a solid Christian foundation, their courses follow a stringent biblical worldview in their teachings. This university has one of the best online cyber security degrees with its availability of hands-on experience through projects that include real-world applications in the courses taught by industry leaders. There is an online academic support set up for distant learners, including an online library, access to study aids, writing resources, and databases. Liberty University also offers low tuition rates along with flexible payment plans, scholarships, and a few other forms of financial aid.