3 lingerie brands that have incredible inner wear

When you are looking for a good lingerie brand, two factors are of utmost importance – innerwear that encourages comfort and makes you feel good in your own skin. Picking the perfect lingerie that is comfortable yet sexy is a tiresome task. It also has to be of the right size, and with so many brands available, the confusion is bound to increase. Below are some breathtaking lingerie brands that provide comfort both to your body as well as your budget.

Love by GapBody
The underwear collection launched by Gap, Love, is focused on basic and comfortable lingerie. The brand focuses on providing women with simple and stylish lingerie, that feels effortless to wear at the same time. The collection was appreciated by the customers as soon as it was launched and was praised and recognized by many online. You can finder various lingerie offers on their official website as well as stores. At any point in time, there are always some pieces on sale on their website.

When you are confused whether to opt for style or comfort, the founder of this brand, Michelle Cordeiro Grant states why not have them both! Having worked for Victoria’s Secret, she felt a need to make comfort innerwear opposed to fancy bras and pushups. Her brand, LIVELY has more of an authentic vibe which every modern woman is looking for. The brand offers a mix of style including plunge bras, t-shirt bras, and bralettes. There are various websites where you can find their lingerie including Amazon and their official website itself. You can avail offers on their lingerie by using coupon codes and even checking their sales to grab products at the best price.

American Eagle’s Aerie
One of the best collections offered by American Eagle is their innerwear and swimwear collections. Even though their underwater collection consists of a limited selection of swimwear and apparel, they cover a huge array of sizes available in them from XXS to XXL. Also, you can make the most of a variety of coupons available online to get discounts on their website. Their clearance sales have some of the best offers that are definitely worth waiting for.