3 interesting back-to-school crafts for tweens and teens

Personalized back-to-school crafts are not only interesting but fun to make too. From customized bookmarks to emoji locker magnets and using washi tapes to tweak a set of pencils, back-to-school crafts are a creative way of spending time.

Here are three popular and super-cool back-to-school crafts for tweens and teens!

A fun way to revamp your boring notebooks
You can creatively use colorful pipe cleaners to redesign your dull notebooks and diaries. If you have a simple colored notebook and want to add some colors and patterns to it, then this back-to-school craft idea is perfect for you.

All you need is notebooks or diaries, some colorful pipe cleaners (you can easily shop online for these), glue, and a bookmark (optional). Glue the pipe cleaners to the notebook cover as per your color choice. You can also go for glitter pipe cleaners or mix and match the colors for a bright cover. And that’s it! Tie or glue the bookmark at the edge of the notebook.

Sort your cords in a stylish way
One of the fun and creative ways to keep all the cords of your gadgets in place is to have a special pouch, personally made! Whether it is your phone charger, laptop charger, earphones or USB cords, here is a smart way to stack them all in an organized way.

You will need leather, snap buttons, and some permanent markers (for customized and personalized designs) to make the roll pouch. A simple DIY back-to-school craft, this roll pouch for cords can be made easily by cutting one end of the leather piece in a rectangular shape and the other end in a triangular or semi-circular shape. Now, use an x-acto knife and ruler to cut smaller pieces in between the material which will act as loops for your cords. Push snap buttons through the material on both sides and secure it. Voila! Your leather roll pouch is ready! You can write your initials with a permanent marker to label it.

Personalized bookmarks keep it or gift it!
Everyone loves bookmarks. Whether you want to gift a handmade bookmark to your best friend at school or want to create one for yourself, here is a quick and exciting way to make a bookmark.

You can choose to make a ribbon bookmark, button bookmark, paper clip bookmark, beaded or yarn bookmark. All these are very easy to make, and you can enjoy this back-to-school craft with your BFF as well!

Cut small ribbon pieces and tie it around a paper clip or make a ribbon bow and stick it on a paper clip, and there you have your personalized paper clip bookmark. On the other hand, you can also try braiding yarn and include a few colorful beads to create your very own beaded bookmark.