3 easy tips to find the right leaf blower

Leaf blowers are all-season outdoor equipment that is a must for every household with a yard, patio, or a deck. However, with multiple brands and a variety of leaf blowers available in the market, how do you know which one is the right for the job? There are multiple factors that have to be considered before buying the right leaf blower. It is essential to know the different types of leaf blowers, the type of job that is required to be done, and the units to be looked, etc. Here are a few helpful tips to find the right leaf blower for you:

  • Type of blowers: All leaf blowers are designed for specific spaces and the scale of job that requires to be done. Despite the number of variants, there are three basic types of leaf blowers—a handheld leaf blower, backpack leaf blower, and walk behind leaf blower. Hand-held blowers give the best of maneuverability, lightweight, and versatility. They are suitable for small lawns, gazebos, and porches to clear up light snow, sawdust, and dust. For more power and longer running time, pick a backpack leaf blower. These are suitable for larger spaces such as fields, large shops, and garages. These leaf blowers can very conveniently clear up metal shavings, pebbles, twigs, and wet leaves. Walk behind leaf blowers are for professionals. These have a lot of power and get the job done quickly.
  • Type of job to be done: While buying a leaf blower, consider the area that will be worked upon and the kind of debris that will be cleared up with the leaf blower. Clearing up decks, patios, and smaller yards are small jobs that require lightweight and portable leaf blowers with very less power. Medium to large jobs includes larger yards that take a longer time to clear up such as snow buildup after a huge storm. For such jobs, more powerful leaf blowers such as backpack leaf blowers would work well. They offer mobility as well as convenience. Large and professional jobs include clearing up areas of around 1 acre or more. These can mean spaces like bigger lawns, backyards, farmland, stadium, and parks. Wheeled blowers or walk behind leaf blowers are used for such jobs.
  • Type of power: The power of a leaf blower is based on two values—miles per hour (MPH) and cubic feet per minute (CFM). The MPH value indicates the speed of air that will be pushed out of the blower. A higher MPH value means a higher speed, which implies that the air will be coming out of the blower at a faster rate. Many first-time buyers have the wrong notion that a higher MPH is all they need to look for. But, a high value of MPH is not enough. The blower should have an equivalent value of CFM. The CFM value is the air volume that comes out of the blower in a minute. This value indicates how far the blower will push the leaves. For faster and larger jobs, both values must be high.