3 drones from DJI to grab this Black Friday Sale

Have you always been wanting to get your hands on a DJI drone, but hesitated all year long? Well, what better time than during the Black Friday Sale? The best period of the year, this shopping extravaganza is anticipated by most shopping enthusiasts. It lets you grab the best deals at unbelievable prices. DJI drones are reputed to be well-engineered while employing some of the most fascinating features. The devices render a unique photographic perspective, lots of adventure, smooth video footage and can also encourage more socializing.

Thus, if you can’t wait to get the best drones from DJI this Black Friday sale, here are some notable offerings to consider:

DJI Mavic Air – A premier foldable drone, most owners will agree to the fact that it is hard to not love the DJI Mavic Air. The device can be conveniently fitted into any backpack or even a jacket pocket, making it the best companion when on adventure trips. It can brilliantly capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Compact and quick with the ability to perform neat tricks, the Mavic Air brings a lot to the table. The original price of this device is about $799, but it can be availed at around $699 during the Black Friday sale.

DJI Spark – A very approachable model, the DJI Spark is a fun device and that sports an attractive body. While the device can be easily controlled using a smartphone, some may find the need for a separate controller. The gesture controls are super-admirable, and the drone is extremely light in weight. The model is also very affordable, but its working may sometimes be affected by the wind direction and speed during flights. The DJI Spark is available at around $549 but the Black Friday sale will let you get this one at the cost of $459.

DJI Inspire 1 – If you are looking for a more professional variant of a drone, the DJI Inspire 1 may be the right way to go. Sporting an intimidating appearance, the device is rich in features and comes with its own controller. The camera is mounted on a gimbal for better aim and can also be upgraded. Thus, investing in the Inspire 1 brings great value for professionals across the board. The model is available at about $2500 and may be acquired at a lesser price through the Black Friday Sale.

Drones are truly the tools of the future and there is no better time than now to adapt┬áto this technology. Getting a DJI drone will leave you with the edge and adventure that you can never get enough of. The DJI Black Friday sale offers can be accessed through the company’s online store or several retail stores. A great way to enjoy bigger discounts coupons and savings from DJI this Black Friday is by participating in the quiz and other events organized by the brand.