3 Best Shaving Brands For Women

Human facial skin is very delicate and needs to be treated with utmost care and protection. There are tons of hair removing techniques available these days from waxing, threading to the expensive ones like laser hair removal. A lot of women these days prefer shaving as compared to using these treatments because not only is shaving a cheaper option for the face and body, it is also less damaging to the skin. Waxing causes a lot of irritation on the skin especially for those women who have delicate facial and body skin. Not just that, for all these hair removing services, you need to take out the time, book an appointment at your salon etc. Even if you are doing it by yourself, it is quite a time-consuming process. Shaving is a quick, effective and budget-friendly option for hair removal which can be done anywhere as long as you have soap and water! If you are new to shaving, here’s how you can find the best razor for shaving not just your body hair but also for your facial hair –

Veet has been creating hair removal creams, waxing strips and other hair removal products for decades now and are one of the most trustworthy brands for feminine hair removal techniques. Recently, Veet launched an electric trimmer which as the best razor for shaving now just your face but also your private areas, your underarms and the hard to reach spots on your body. It is the perfect tool for trimming unwanted hair quickly without worrying about any infection, pain, and scarring. The electric razor is travel-friendly and very compact, so you can easily keep them in your travel utility pouch when you go backpacking.

Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen has been in the beauty and makeup industry for what seems like forever and is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They are the only makeup and beauty brand that have products specially designed for hair removal in the intimate bikini areas and the face. This brand has a single razor which helps in providing a clean finish to the face not just on the sides of the face but also around the eyebrows, chin, upper lip and nose. You no longer need to struggle with threading or waxing on your face in order to keep your eyebrows in check. Sally Hansen also has the best razor for shaving the other private areas for women who don’t want like to wax.

If you are new to the world of shaving, you might have probably heard of Gillette razors that men use. Recently, the brand also launched a series of shaving products for their female audience as well. The Gillette Venus range is the feminine shaving range launched by Gillette for catering to all the women who don’t prefer waxing their bodies. The brand has the best razor for shaving not just because it is one of the oldest brands in its industry, but because these razors have a thin moisturizing strip on them. What does this strip do? It moisturizes your skin as you shave. This means that you can use it not just on your body but also in your intimate areas such as underarms, as well as your face. Not a lot of brands have a razor that can be used on the face, but the Gillette Venus razors can definitely be used on the face.

Apart from this, shaving is also one the best ways of clearing your skin’s dead cells and exfoliating your face. Shaving helps to keep a textureless canvas for makeup application. A lot of makeup artists and beauticians also recommend shaving your face. Who says shaving is just for the body, with the advancements in technology, brands are creating razors for facial shaving as well. So, get your hands on one of these best razors for shaving today and get rid of your unwanted body hair.