Things to consider before plunging into online dating

Online dating websites is the latest trend among the people to find a date or a companion for themselves with the help of the Internet. But before you consider it, you should be aware of certain facts and do’s and don’ts on the free online dating sites. Read on to find out the popular websites and how to ‘play it safe’ while searching profiles on these websites.

Online dating sites are websites that contain databases that can match you to a partner with the qualities you prefer. Some of the oldest online dating services started as a dial-up BBS back in the 1980’s. At first, it was a crude listing of mostly computer nerds within the same area code, but it grew to include email exchanges and became one of the largest pre-web email networks.
An estimate suggests that online dating sites in the US draw nearly 20 million visitors per month. Some of those require monthly subscription and some offer free services.

Here are a few things that you need to know before finding a companion on free dating sites.

The two-main factor that online dating websites use to find matches for their users are based on their common interests and location.

One of the easiest way to find the authenticity of the profile on the free online dating website is, invite the person for a video chat. It is a scam if the person refuses citing absurd reasons. Other ways include checking if the person is real through a free public record or their presence on other social media websites.

There are high chances that free online dating websites may harbor people who are not genuine and have ulterior motives. Some tips such as staying local, refraining from exchanging personal information and keeping watch on odd language can help you stay safe while dating online.

Once you are done using free online dating websites and apps, it is wise to remove your account from them. Some of the websites allow to deactivate your account, there are some websites that give you an option of permanently deleting the data from the website.

There are a number of websites that help find dates for LGBT, some of them are;,,, etc. there are some niche websites online that can also help the LGBT finding the right matches.

If you are over 50 or even 70 for that matter, three are a number of websites online that can help you find a like-minded date or a companion. Some these websites include,,, etc.