10 kitchen appliances that promote good health

There is no dearth of kitchen appliances in the market. All types of kitchen appliances have found their place on the shelves of every appliance store.

Where there are buyers, there are appliances for the kitchen. Sometimes, we are all geared up to try something new and realization dawns that we do not have a proper appliance for making this recipe better. That’s where the right kitchen appliance comes into the picture.

Kitchen appliances that promote good health

It is important to filter through so many appliances for the kitchen that actually promote your family’s health. Here are some of the appliances that help us lead a healthy lifestyle and are worth a try.

Magic bullet
The Magic Bullet works great for smoothies and is a fast and high-speed blender. It saves space as well. Why just smoothies and juices, the Magic Bullet can also be used for making salad dressing or grinding the right spices in minimal quantity.

Garlic press
Sure, the smell of garlic is enough to drive everyone away, but one cannot deny the benefits of the same. If peeling, chopping, or dicing garlic irritates you since the process can be quite messy and leave you with smelly hands, try investing in a garlic press. It not only chops, but gives it a fresh flavor by crushing and extracting the juice. Remember, a garlic a day helps to keep the cold away since it possesses anti-bacterial properties.

Also known as a slow cooker, the crockpot is an ideal investment if you want to retain nutritional properties while cooking. One pot meal or a potluck meal can easily be slow cooked in a crockpot. Crockpots are designed in such a way that maintains nutrition without burning the food.

Digital kitchen scale
For those who prefer measuring their servings before eating, a digital kitchen scale can come to their rescue. Some foods that cannot be measured with cups can be easily measured with the help of a digital kitchen scale.

Rice cooker
Why just rice, a simple rice cooker can also be used for cooking healthier varieties of food like quinoa, steamed vegetables, and other healthy grains like beans and chickpeas. Make your innovative recipes using a steamed rice cooker.

Herb Saver
Herbs are an excellent replacement for salt. Keeping herbs fresh forever can be a challenge. A herb saver is one of smallest appliances for kitchen, which can save your unused fresh herbs and keep them fresh for longer periods in the refrigerator. At a mere USD 23, this appliance is a steal.

Salad dressing shaker
With this multi-purpose salad dressing shaker, one can experiment with unlimited dressings. Make your own dressing with all healthy ingredients, spices, and even save it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Gourmet oil mister
Appliances in kitchens need not be bulky or expensive, but how healthy and useful they are is what matters. One such appliance is the Gourmet oil mister, wherein one can mix the oil with the required herbs and just drizzle on your salad or bread as per your need.

Fruit infuser
Instead of splurging on aerated and sugary drinks, fruit infuser water bottles are a welcome and healthy way of living smart. Chop and mix the fruits of your choice, and sip it on. It is a wholesome and natural alternative to sugar-loaded drinks.

Immersion blender
Handheld immersion blenders come in very handy for sauces, smoothies, and pureeing. It is easy to handle and use considering its portability. Make way for healthy smoothies and sauces with this powerful four-speed blender.

All the appliances that promote your family’s health aren’t very inexpensive. So, you do not have to wait for a kitchen appliance sale to purchase them. As they say, all good things in life are not expensive.