10 facts about Danskos

Danskos are comfort footwear based in West Grove, Pennsylvania. They are most known for their clogs. The company also manufactures heels, boots, and sandals. Danskos are known for the “all day comfort” their shoes provide.

  • The company was started by a couple who discovered clogs being used by farmers in Europe. After using clogs themselves they discovered its benefits. In 1980 they began manufacturing and selling them on their own in America.
  • Since 2012, 100% of the company is employee-owned. It is one of the fastest growing organizations in the country. The company provides employment to thousands of people in their factories.
  • The company founded a non-profit in 2003 called the Dansko Foundation. It was founded to encourage volunteers and philanthropy. Every employee is given twenty hours of paid leave which they can use for volunteer work.
  • They manufactured most of their products in China till a few years ago. Their setup is now moved to Europe and Asia where a majority of the raw material is available.
  • Their design is such that they aid in keeping the right posture. The thick soles help in maintaining balance. The heel is of uniform height through the length of the shoes with adequate space for the toes in the front. This keeps the wearer from having back pain. They are completely covered thus, protecting the feet from sharp objects. Danskos are made of different kinds of leather and fabrics.
  • The shoes were engineered such that they don’t cause any pain or discomfort. The smoothness of the leather makes the shoes easy to clean. They protect the feet from any external harm.
  • Danskos are tested at each stage of manufacturing to ensure that they have no flaws. They are manufactured with precision and care. They have a detailed process where they are inspected at every point of production. The leather and fiber are combined at exact proportions to make the material for the shoe. It is then cut and stitched into place. They undergo one final test where they are inspected for aesthetics and craftsmanship. Only after they are verified are they sent to the stores.
  • They have received ‘Seal of Acceptance’ from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Hence they are even suggested by doctors to patients with foot and back problems. Footwear Plus magazine has awarded Danskos eight times in the ‘Women’s Comfort’ category.
  • There are Danskos which have a removable footbed. They can be replaced by custom orthotics. The shoes are slip resistant and shock absorbent.
  • Danskos are available in a wide range of colors. They can be worn by professionals at the workplace and also be worn as casuals. They are available in neutral shades of black/brown and in neon eye-popping colors too. They also come in many prints and designs.

Over 25,000 stores sell Danskos. They are also available online at discounted prices. Due to the material, they are made of, they don’t tear easily. They can withstand rain or any harsh terrain. They are highly recommended to people of all age groups.